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What I’ve learned?

Hey guys!

How have you been?

       Today we’ll be talking about some thoughts that I had a while ago. You know that I use this space to talk about things that match with my aspirations, and English is one of them, so this post will be in English.


       A month or two ago, I forgot the windows of my car’s windows opened. Where I live in a higher part of the city, this way any drizzle is a storm, which usually means lots of wind and water coming from the sky. As soon as I realized that would start rain soon, I run down stairs (I couldn’t use the elevator cause I was desperate and it was taking so long to arrive in my floor).

       But my plan went down the drain, the moment I put my foot outside started to rain, It seemed like I was in a movie, I kept running, got into the car and closed the windows. The car was saved, I wasn’t.

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         I spent some time inside the car waiting the rain chill off, and of course, all those thoughts heat me as bomb, I started to ask myself: Why am I doing this? Why am I trying to protect myself against this amazing opportunity to enjoy rain and nature? This isn’t me…  Was like Hole Spirit was standing right there in front of me, staring at me. Then, the memories of me my childhood came back. I remembered all those times I was anxious to get out and play in the rain, get soaked, be part of flip flop running, which in the most of times I won, and I won just because I almost always lost my flip flops to the manhole, but that’s ok, was super fun.

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         I found myself asking if I’ve really changed to the point of protecting me from things like that. Maybe get wet is a low price front the benefits, don’t you think? Cause in life, things goes just like that, sometimes goes well, sometimes looks a bad scenario to works right after, and other times things simply goes wrong, like they never meant to be. You know, perhaps you’re thinking that I’m talking about my child memories, but It’s life, what have been changing so much from how we used to be? I can answer that, now we’re afraid of a bunch of things, we’ve learned to fear.

Cause if you take some time to think, what’s the difference between these two scenarios?

  1. First one: a kid who can’t go out and play with their friends because needs to study.
  2. Second one: an adult who wants to travel on vacation and can’t because needs to work.

        Can you see that the point is the same? The real difference is the perspectives, a child and an adult perspective.

        We have the same problems since that age, the same power, the ability to dream and strength to make things come true, the creativity to start over, invent stuff and solutions, and plus now we’re better, more instructed and mature, but now we fear more, which makes us less free and more addictive to follow rules that leaves us on the comfort zone.

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       I’m not saying that we do this all the time, or it’s on purpose, but yes involuntary it happens sometimes. And when it happens it means that we are loosing opportunities. You know, sometimes life doesn’t happen exactly as we planned or the circumstances differ a little from what dreamed, but please, may this happen, be prepared to chaise your dreams, but be alive for the interferences, they can be a good chance to be better.

          God knews, of course, that would happen with us, that we eventually would be anxious and sad, it writed on Mateus 6:34 “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble”.


          Take a moment to analyze, how many times you could have taken advantage of know new people and places, learn new methods or get an unique job, even the circumstances wouldn’t perfect?

            Don’t take this in wrong way, life isn’t a fairytale, I’m not telling you to keep doing something that makes you unhappy, but if you need to stay in this place for a while, enjoy, even a little piece, cause if don’t you’ll be crazy.

           During an exchange to USA, I met a Colombian girl in school, I was facing a hard time, and I don’t know how I shared this with her, I’m not the type of person who talks about their personal life with other people, even the close ones. Anyway, we’ve talked for hours and she told me a thing that was to remember, she said: “Marcella, time will pass by, if you want or not, depends on you if it’s gonna be in a good or bad way”. In that moment I felt angry with her, I remember to though she doesn’t know what I’m passing through, but now I can see how wise she was, and how stuped I was… And how I wish I had listened to her at that point.

            Although I’m thankful to God for have had that experience, cause everytime I’m  about to give up on something that I shouldn’t give up, even I want it, I’m able to remember what her told me and to think straight.

          Other thing that I want to make sure you see is, that God is listening, he knows everything and he consider what you want, he only want teach us all the time, and one of these lessons that I learned from him is to forgive myself, you see, sometimes we made mistakes, you can’t avoid it, but keep mulling past woulnd’t help anything. So prepare to start fresh, seek wisdom from Him and move on! New opportunities will come, lean on your faith, just hold on, it shakes you, moves you, fear does not do this, so it’s simple, everytime you fell afraid of something take some time, breath deeply and go for it!

Well, I think I talked to much, that’s it! 🙂

Sorry if I made any mistake, I hope that you enjoyed!

See you next time!

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